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Term 4 week 2

How to survive night 2 in Five nights at freddy’s.

Five nights at freddy’s is a wonderful game and this is how you complete it.

You will need;
FNAF (Five nights at freddy’s)
Night one completed.

Step 1
Once you have completed night 1 go on to night 2.

Step 2
Listen to the call CAREFULY!

Step 3
Check cameras FREQUENTLY (ESPECIALLY Show stage and Pirate cove.)

Step 4
When you see the curtain in pirate cove open and no one in it, get out of the camera and close the left door IMEDEATLY! This will prevent foxy coming but he will bang the doors a couple of times.

Did you know:

Foxy attatcks twice this night!

Chica only attacks when the camera is activated.


Just like night one, as soon as the call is done, shut the left door and sit, DO NOT OPEN THE CAMERA!!!!!!!!!

Flash the lights and check the corners.


Week 7

Pokemon Black and Yellow

Chapter 1

Beep, Beep, Beep Ash’s alarm clock went off rapidly, “ARRRGGGG!”  screamed Ash as he woud do in a nightmare. He turned his alarm clock off, morning Natu Ash called. When he got up he slugged to the PC and look up google maps on where they were going, after that he played Terraria. “Tweep, Tweep” said Natu “your right Natu, we should go to parker city” sugested Ash so the did.

Durrrrrrrr the garage door open and it was up in a flash. ” Gee I love Uranium power!” said Ash. As they were going to the car Natu handed the pokedex. ” We need to find the new lengendary pokemon explaind Ash “they are Fluttershy, Pinkie pie, Applejack, Rarity, Twilight sparke, Rainbow dash, Celestia, Crisalist, Sunboom, Ravenclock, Flutterbub and Firewings” said Ash.

Chapter 2

“Here we go” Ash said, as they were going down the street Ash check the Petrol. “Dammit I forgot to fill up the tank” shouted Ash. ” We are have go to the petrol station Natu” as Ash filling up his Pagani zonda a girl came out of the petrol station and said ” hey you want to battle?” said a lady “oh you are battling the wrong guy, GOOOOOO NATU!” shouted Ash, ” GOOOOOOO CHARMANDER!” yelled the old lady. Natu uses magic bounce and was really affective! so that chamander has 30 health and Natu has 50 health, chamander uses blaze so 20 health down to Natu and that means 30 health for Natu. Natu uses magic bounce again charmanders health is a zero so Natu wins. ” YES! WOOO WOOO WWOOOO WOOOOOOO WOOOOO WOOO WOO WO WO, WOOO WOOO WWOOOO WOOOOOOO WOOOOO WOOOO WOO WO WO!” yelled Ash in exitment.

When they got back in the car the went down route 3 to Parker city, on the way Natu spotted a homless Aipom, ” hey little Aipom would you like to be a part of my pokeon collection?” said Ash and within about 5 seconds Aipom was hugging Ash. when they went off again they saw big towers of Parker city, “WHOOAAA” Exclamed Ash. As they were going down Lucas Lane they saw another Trainer Mulldu, ” hey Mulldu” said Ash ” we are going to find legendary pokemon,” “oh you will never find them” said Mulldu. ” Oh yeah Mulldu, I found one, Derpy!!!” to be continued?!?!?!?!?!

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  1. Hi Hamish,
    I really enjoyed the start of this story. I like how you have created an exciting and interesting opening to the story with the ringing of the alarm clock. Make sure you include “speaking marks” for sounds like the “Beep, beep, beep” also.
    Keep up this great work. John.

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