Week 4

Up level the headlines:

The Storm Last Night

The Devastating Storm

Australian’s Gold Medal

Austraila, Gold Medalist

The Soccer Match

The Amazing Soccer Match Last Night

The Fire

Fire Still Raging

week 9

The foolish king

I prodict that the king is going to do a stupid thing.

page number 47 line 1-4

Travel tracer

Book: the foolish king

Settings: Kings house, City, Desert, High above the city.


The silly sisters

I prodict that a girl is going to shrink and evreyone is going to eat them. page 24-31

4 thoughts on “English

  1. Hi Hamish great work I think your pages are great you should say like what’s your favourite sport.

    Kind Regards: Estelle

  2. Hi Hamish,
    Thanks for uploading some of your work to the blog. I like the predictions you made. Remember, predicting helps us to pay more attention as we read, and to understand a text better. John.

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