Term 3 Inquiry

I wasent here for the 2 emmersions so I cant tell you then but here is the rest of them


What we did: Made Paper fishing boats.

What I have Learned: That the north an south we fighting over the land.

I wonder: How did the war end?


What we did: Talk alot 

What I have learned: there is a diffrince between asylem seeker and a refugee.

I wonder: Why do we send the asylem seekers back?


What we did: Aboriginal painting

What have I learned: That aboriginal people have been around for 30,000 years!

I wonder: How did they survive after the europeins came to Austraila?

My question: How did the Aboriginals survive after the Europeians came to Australia?

I am doing a Presontation and a Imovie as well as a poster.


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